Our amazing photographer, Mark Engelbrecht has posted some of our wedding photos on his blog and facebook!! πŸ™‚

We should be receiving our photo disk soon.

Here are some of my favourites:

I will be blogging soon about all our wonderful suppliers – Photographer, Videographer, Florist, Venue, Cake, Dress, Shoes…everything!
Our wedding would not have been as beautiful without the help of all these committed and talented people!

Carla Satram


Our Videographer

We knew right from the get go that we wanted a superb wedding video. We spoke about watching it together with our kids in the future, and that made us smile πŸ™‚
Now that I think about it, we actually booked our videographer before we even booked a reception venue, or the church..!!

Brendon and I have high expectations for our wedding video. We don’t want it to be cheesy or old fashioned, we want a modern approach with clean professional editing.

It took some good googling skills (mine of course), and after finding lots of boo boos, we found Alexander Productions. Their website captivated us immediately – Modern, fresh, fun, extremely professional. Their videos gave us goosebumps!
When we met up with the owner of the company, Andrew, we knew that this was it, this was the dude who was going to film our wedding!!
We enjoyed chatting with Andrew about his work and hearing about the editing process. We felt at ease with him and booked him as soon as we could!

Check these out (if you don’t feel any emotion while watching them, then you have a problem lol)

Katie & Rob

Ingrid & Nick

Ringaile & Andrew

Almost there!

Wedding flowers!

I don’t think that it was by coincidence that I happened to stumble upon The Rose Cafe in Newlands a few months ago. I knew immediately after walking into the shop that this place would understand what I was looking for!
The vintage pieces and homey decor inside the store confirmed that my Vintage Elegance theme would be a piece of cake for them, and of course all the lovely colourful roses made me swoon!


Before the wedding planning began, I was not into flowers. I could appreciated them, but I wasn’t mad over them. Now I LOVE flowers! When I walk past flower shops or see beautiful bouquets at Woolies, I get excited….Strange!
I can blame the quoting process for this – lots of time spent at the florist – seeing, smelling and touching a variety of flowers was lots of fun!

Initially when I started with my flowers quote, my wedding colours were Salmon and Ivory. Along the way that changed to Teal and Cerise. So there was a lot of up and down and quote changes when it came to my flowers! Thank goodness I found a florist who was able to keep up with my messy brain and indecisive thoughts!

Thank you to Chloe and the owner, Angie! You ladies are really creative geniuses and I can’t wait to see my flowers in April next year! πŸ™‚


Brides to be in Cape Town: You should really contact The Rose Cafe, they are awesome! They work with all types of flowers, their prices are reasonable, and they are super helpful!
Please have a look at their website: The Rose Cafe


Our reception venue : Monchique

Monchique in Hout Bay was probably about the 10th place I considered for our wedding reception venue last year.
Initially we were set on finding a venue in the Constantia winelands, near to our church. However, after seeing a few venues with our then wedding planner and after a few ups and downs, we changed our minds…

An issue for me from the beginning was corkage cost. The restaurants in Constantia, the hotels in Town and The Waterfront were all gorgeous…Food costs were great, but they wouldn’t allow corkage (or they would charge up to R100 per bottle!) This, I’m sorry, never went down well with me…
With me being a drinker, and Brendon not, it was always my battle to fight…But I was determined to find a venue that had no corkage fees!
After a suggestion by a dear aunt, I contacted Monchique. Their menus were lovely, and guess what…they didn’t charge a cent for corkage!!

We wanted a relaxed atmosphere, with open grounds and space for the kids to play freely. We didn’t want to be ‘boxed in’, as you can feel at hotels. With Monchique’s lush gardens and open space, its perfect for the kids, and for the smokers! (lol)
The venue fits our modern-meets-vintage “Vintage Elegance” theme, and I cannot wait to see the venue all dolled up with our decor and beautiful flowers!!
We love this Cape Dutch style barnhouse with its thatched roof! There are tons of spots for photos at the venue, and Hout Bay is beautiful! πŸ™‚

Our wedding ceremony will take place at St. Dominics Catholic Church in Wynberg, and then we are off to Monchique in Hout Bay!
4 months to go….can you believe it?? Wow! πŸ™‚


What makes a wedding…?

I want to do a series of posts about our wonderful suppliers. Without them, our dream wedding would not be on its way to becoming a reality!
I realise that I haven’t given much information about them, so I am devoting the next month or so to our venue, photographer, videographer and florist. They are all superb and I think that they all deserve some advertising!

First up is our photographer, Mark Engelbrecht of Creative Weddings.
We recently came across Mark’s website after we decided to find a new photographer. We met up with him and immediately felt a connection. He is a relaxed, humble man, passionate about his work, and oh so creative! (Hence the name I suppose…lol)
Mark has about 20 years experience in the field and has won numerous awards, which really made the choice much easier when we had 3 photographers to choose from. Mark, we love your natural, effortless approach to photography!

We met up with Mark and his assistant Alfonso yesterday, at the UCT grounds for our engagement shoot…..Wow what an afternoon!
It took me about an hour to get into it, but surprisingly, Brendon was a natural! Smiles and poses down, he gave me a run for my money!!
It was a bit unusual since I am used to the camera. Perhaps it was strange because the shoot was non belly dance related, or because I had to ‘act natural’ with my fiancΓ©, in front of random inquisitive students….?
I don’t know, but let’s just hope I don’t have a dazed and confused look on my face in the pictures…. πŸ™‚
Well done to my Zoolander, you were excellent babe!!
(I will upload some pics as soon as we get them!)

Please view the gallery below to see some of Mark’s work. We can’t wait for our wedding to be amongst these unbelievable photos!!

Until next time,