Wedding 2011 – Wedding 2013

Brendon and I got engaged in October 2011.
At the time, we couldn’t afford to start our wedding planning immediately. So Pinterest really helped me with ideas & inspiration…

Initially I was confused. I wasn’t the type of girl who dreamed about a fairytale wedding. I didn’t fantasize about walking down the aisle in a Princess dress either. So this whole experience has really been an eye opener for me, a true magical journey.

Back in early 2012, when I was able to brainstorm and choose elements of the wedding, lace and pearls naturally came to the forefront.
I have always had a fascination with all things vintage. You won’t find me in vintage clothing, but I have always admired old buildings, works of art, beautiful hollywood stars (before we had plastic surgery..), and of course old tales of adventure and mystery…


Our theme of “Vintage Elegance” combines old with new (rustic with sparkly!). I really wanted a clean theme without too much work, and the lace and pearls really brings it all together.

I have changed our flowers and cake design about 1000 times (no kidding), so this process of planning has really brought every bit of indecisiveness out of me…
The main change I made for the wedding was our star colour. My original choice was Salmon. Now it is Teal.

Bridesmaids dresses will be dressed in Teal, as well as the Bestmen’s ties and hankies. Pops of Teal at our reception, but mainly White, Ivory and Pastels.
Of course, Pastels also acts as the guests dress code.
I am looking forward to seeing a sea of pastel shades, its going to make stunning photos!

My wedding hair and make up trials have been successful, my wedding dress is being altered and bridesmaids dresses will be ready this weekend. The men have booked their suits and Brendon's suit is being altered…The Groom still has a few very important tasks to complete though….(tick tock Brendon)

Its very strange to think that its been about 1.5yrs of planning and waiting (and 5 years before that..) But very rewarding, I will probably cry at the sight of our venue on the day, dressed up with my choice of flowers and decor…I cannot wait.

We have a few things to still wrap up (mainly planning our wedding ceremony), but other than that it will hopefully be smooth sailing from here on out!

This weekend, we P A R T Y! Can’t wait to see what my girls have up their sleeves…. 🙂
Oh, and its Brendon’s Bachelor party too…we all know what guys do for Bachelors Parties lol…(same thing since 1925..) 😛

Just 11 DAYS to go! Chills down my spine….I am going to be a WIFE!



Struggling to Commit

It has been a manic past few weeks….I love my blog, so to neglect it for so long has been totally unintentional!

I will be starting my new job soon, so I have been super busy. Brendon is quite busy too with his studies. We hardly have time to just relax together anymore 😦
I have had a few days to finalise the last few wedding tasks….It has not been easy!

I got myself in a tizz last week when trying to decide between vases at the hiring company. Then the sight of flowers at the florist made my brain turn to mush…!!
A vase is a vase right? And flowers aren’t hard to pick right? WRONG.
Today is the day though – I have just confirmed my final order with the hiring company, and I am off to the florist to finalise with them now…

A few weeks ago, after searching for what feels like a year, I found my wedding shoes 🙂 Well, one pair that could be my wedding shoes…
I found them at the Errol Arendz sale. Gorgeous satin champagne coloured sandals!
Then the next day, I was casually walking around in the mall. I went into Truworths, SALE – the poster screamed out at me. And behold, I found teal satin sandals on sale! TEAL, our wedding colour, and on SALE. I bought them. Obviously.
Then one week went by, and I found the most beautiful satin champagne shoes at Aldo. I bought them (well, my husband-to-be paid).
Now I have 3 pairs of wedding shoes 🙂

wedding shoes

A few days ago I was on a mission to find teal satin ribbon for the invitations. After 4 hours of driving up and down Cape Town, it seemed like Mission Impossible. Considering that this wasn’t the first time I was looking for this dreaded teal ribbon, I was beginning to lose hope!
Luckily, I managed to find the ribbon at the end of the day (probably at the 30th place I looked at). Teal ribbon is scratched off the list!
All my decor / DIY items have now been hired or bought.
New cupcake samples will be collected tomorrow, and invitations are going out this week!

We are almost there….
6 weeks to go!!


2 months. 30 days

Hello everyone,

My last post was before the holidays, so here I am, getting back into it!

Welcome 2013! 🙂
We have just under 3 months left till our wedding! The nerves and excitement is starting to kick in…I still have a few things to tie up and I am running out of time…eeek!
Besides those few things, our checklist is almost complete!

We have begun looking around for apartments to rent. It is a fun process I guess, but stressful wondering if we’ll find the ‘right’ place in time. I don’t want to settle! We’ve only seen a few places, so I must keep my chin up and continue!

Over these past few weeks off work, I have designed my bridesmaids dresses, and our wedding invitation. Thats a few more things off the list, but I still have to find chiffon in the perfect shade of teal for the girls dresses… I will continue the search at the end of the month (my pocket is really empty!)
I am still on the lookout for my wedding shoes (what a nightmare!), and the bridesmaids dress fabric. Hopefully I will have these both done and dusted by the first week of February!
We will be meeting with our priest soon to discuss a few things and our order of service.
Lastly, Brendon needs to arrange store visits with his groomsmen for suit hire within the next few weeks.
Then we can sit back and relax till our big day arrives! (Well not actually, but we will try to relax!)

I am very excited for next year’s upcoming weddings – my cousin (and bridesmaid) Genine got engaged over the weekend! And our friends Roxi and Daryl got engaged in December 🙂
So much love and happiness is blooming all around us, I LOVE weddings!
I am actually a tiny bit jealous of Genine and Roxi, because they get to go through the whole planning process for their weddings. It took me a few months, but once you get into it, there’s no looking back. Wedding planning is addictive! (Well, for me at least!)

Here’s to the last few months!


Our reception venue : Monchique

Monchique in Hout Bay was probably about the 10th place I considered for our wedding reception venue last year.
Initially we were set on finding a venue in the Constantia winelands, near to our church. However, after seeing a few venues with our then wedding planner and after a few ups and downs, we changed our minds…

An issue for me from the beginning was corkage cost. The restaurants in Constantia, the hotels in Town and The Waterfront were all gorgeous…Food costs were great, but they wouldn’t allow corkage (or they would charge up to R100 per bottle!) This, I’m sorry, never went down well with me…
With me being a drinker, and Brendon not, it was always my battle to fight…But I was determined to find a venue that had no corkage fees!
After a suggestion by a dear aunt, I contacted Monchique. Their menus were lovely, and guess what…they didn’t charge a cent for corkage!!

We wanted a relaxed atmosphere, with open grounds and space for the kids to play freely. We didn’t want to be ‘boxed in’, as you can feel at hotels. With Monchique’s lush gardens and open space, its perfect for the kids, and for the smokers! (lol)
The venue fits our modern-meets-vintage “Vintage Elegance” theme, and I cannot wait to see the venue all dolled up with our decor and beautiful flowers!!
We love this Cape Dutch style barnhouse with its thatched roof! There are tons of spots for photos at the venue, and Hout Bay is beautiful! 🙂

Our wedding ceremony will take place at St. Dominics Catholic Church in Wynberg, and then we are off to Monchique in Hout Bay!
4 months to go….can you believe it?? Wow! 🙂


Decor confusion

Finding the perfect (ie decent and within budget) decor is my current task, and it isn’t quite as easy as I thought it would be…
Initially, I wanted our wedding reception to be at a hotel or restaurant, so I wouldn’t have to worry about hiring anything. I fell in love with the Cape Grace Hotel at the Waterfront, but unfortunately the layout would’ve prevented an open social atmosphere.

When we chose Monchique as our reception venue, I may have forgotten about the fact that we were going to have to do the decor design ourselves (ourselves meaning ‘me’)…
There are lots of decor hiring companies in Cape Town. I have chosen a reputable company, recommended by Kathy, the owner of Monchique, for the hiring of tables, tablecloths, cutlery and crockery. Thats the easy part. The challenge comes in choosing the the decor – everything that makes the venue pop and sparkle. There is nothing worse than a plain wedding…so I am really bargain hunting! lol

I am still two minded about table centre pieces – votive candles, round candles, candelabras, candle sticks, glass vases, glass bowls…water, no water? And not forgetting the flowers…
As you know, our theme is Vintage Elegance. So I am looking for decor items that are vintage, and simple modern items as well. The trick is to make the vintage and modern work together beautifully! I have a few decor DIY ideas as well (which will be tackled by myself and the bridesmaids next year I suppose…)

All the wedding books, magazines and tv shows in the world cannot prepare you for this process…I’ve been gathering ideas since November 2011, but naturally, things keep changing. Its an exhilarating experience though. I am picky, so I want everything to look as closest to my vision as possible, which creates the stress I suppose…But all in all, planning your own wedding is super exciting, and I can’t wait to see it all come together on our wedding day 🙂

Hopefully I will have this all sorted out by next month (the longer something isn’t finalised, the more I stress…)
Wish me luck!


The Engagement Shoot…

The engagement shoot is a very important learning experience for both the couple and the photographer. It gives both parties the chance to loosen up, and eliminates the chances of ‘freezing’ up and or giving those awkward fake smiles on your wedding day…
Our engagement shoot is booked for the end of September, and we need your help! Which location do you think would fit us best?
Please give us your answers via the poll on the right…

Vintage Elegance!

Our wedding theme is “Vintage Elegance”.
I was really drawn to an old natural feel (with a touch of pizazz!), when we decided on Monchique as our reception venue. The venue is rustic and quaint, perfect for my vision!
Our mood board captures a few key ideas and colours for our special day. A touch of lace and some bling…bridemaids will be wearing salmon, men in tuxedos…can you feel the Vintage Elegance…? Oh yeah its gonna be hot!

The bride to be