The Wifey Life

We have now been married for 3 whole months!
Its a very strange feeling, to think of how our lives have completely changed.

As explained in my ‘about’ page, the transition from fiance to wife has been quite a trip! Imagine one of those old school hanging scales. Now imagine both being empty and then suddenly filling the one up, and the scale tips over….Thats pretty much how my life changed since I said “I do”.


Now don’t get me wrong, I am most definitely not complaining about being married…I love it!! I get to see the man of my dreams every waking day (finally!) Its just different, that’s all. We both went in with our eyes closed and now they are slowly opening up…

Before the 13th April 2013 I was just chilling. Going to work, sometimes I would go to gym or dance class after, then back home, waited for my mom to cook dinner, and then I would eat. Now there is no time for lounging around. I have to cook and clean myself.
This has been a challenging experience, to the point of many tears and self loathing episodes. Within these past few months I have felt worthless and stupid, but I have also had moments where I felt proud of myself, and utterly amazed!

I have learnt that I am capable of looking after myself, our home and caring for my husband. I have also learnt that my husband is still exactly the same man I fell in love with – he still leaves his slippers and pyjamas lying around..(etc…)
BUT most importantly, I have learnt that we are in this together and that we are both new to this. Rome wasn’t built in a day, they say. And unfortunately, I forget that 99% of the time. I want things done now, I want to be a master chef now!


I thank God for blessing me with a loving husband, who keeps me grounded and reminds me about my faults, my strengths and our hopes and goals for the future.

By the way, I am up for Bride of the Year 2013. I need your help though! If you live in South Africa, please do vote for me 🙂