Our amazing photographer, Mark Engelbrecht has posted some of our wedding photos on his blog and facebook!! 🙂

We should be receiving our photo disk soon.

Here are some of my favourites:

I will be blogging soon about all our wonderful suppliers – Photographer, Videographer, Florist, Venue, Cake, Dress, Shoes…everything!
Our wedding would not have been as beautiful without the help of all these committed and talented people!

Carla Satram


Struggling to Commit

It has been a manic past few weeks….I love my blog, so to neglect it for so long has been totally unintentional!

I will be starting my new job soon, so I have been super busy. Brendon is quite busy too with his studies. We hardly have time to just relax together anymore 😦
I have had a few days to finalise the last few wedding tasks….It has not been easy!

I got myself in a tizz last week when trying to decide between vases at the hiring company. Then the sight of flowers at the florist made my brain turn to mush…!!
A vase is a vase right? And flowers aren’t hard to pick right? WRONG.
Today is the day though – I have just confirmed my final order with the hiring company, and I am off to the florist to finalise with them now…

A few weeks ago, after searching for what feels like a year, I found my wedding shoes 🙂 Well, one pair that could be my wedding shoes…
I found them at the Errol Arendz sale. Gorgeous satin champagne coloured sandals!
Then the next day, I was casually walking around in the mall. I went into Truworths, SALE – the poster screamed out at me. And behold, I found teal satin sandals on sale! TEAL, our wedding colour, and on SALE. I bought them. Obviously.
Then one week went by, and I found the most beautiful satin champagne shoes at Aldo. I bought them (well, my husband-to-be paid).
Now I have 3 pairs of wedding shoes 🙂

wedding shoes

A few days ago I was on a mission to find teal satin ribbon for the invitations. After 4 hours of driving up and down Cape Town, it seemed like Mission Impossible. Considering that this wasn’t the first time I was looking for this dreaded teal ribbon, I was beginning to lose hope!
Luckily, I managed to find the ribbon at the end of the day (probably at the 30th place I looked at). Teal ribbon is scratched off the list!
All my decor / DIY items have now been hired or bought.
New cupcake samples will be collected tomorrow, and invitations are going out this week!

We are almost there….
6 weeks to go!!


2 months. 30 days

Hello everyone,

My last post was before the holidays, so here I am, getting back into it!

Welcome 2013! 🙂
We have just under 3 months left till our wedding! The nerves and excitement is starting to kick in…I still have a few things to tie up and I am running out of time…eeek!
Besides those few things, our checklist is almost complete!

We have begun looking around for apartments to rent. It is a fun process I guess, but stressful wondering if we’ll find the ‘right’ place in time. I don’t want to settle! We’ve only seen a few places, so I must keep my chin up and continue!

Over these past few weeks off work, I have designed my bridesmaids dresses, and our wedding invitation. Thats a few more things off the list, but I still have to find chiffon in the perfect shade of teal for the girls dresses… I will continue the search at the end of the month (my pocket is really empty!)
I am still on the lookout for my wedding shoes (what a nightmare!), and the bridesmaids dress fabric. Hopefully I will have these both done and dusted by the first week of February!
We will be meeting with our priest soon to discuss a few things and our order of service.
Lastly, Brendon needs to arrange store visits with his groomsmen for suit hire within the next few weeks.
Then we can sit back and relax till our big day arrives! (Well not actually, but we will try to relax!)

I am very excited for next year’s upcoming weddings – my cousin (and bridesmaid) Genine got engaged over the weekend! And our friends Roxi and Daryl got engaged in December 🙂
So much love and happiness is blooming all around us, I LOVE weddings!
I am actually a tiny bit jealous of Genine and Roxi, because they get to go through the whole planning process for their weddings. It took me a few months, but once you get into it, there’s no looking back. Wedding planning is addictive! (Well, for me at least!)

Here’s to the last few months!


6 months.

Brendon and I went to the church we will be getting married in yesterday, and I asked the priest if we could take a few photos…(sneak peek below)
I tried my best to be present and listen during the mass, but I kept getting distracted by the thought of walking down the aisle…! Its an exciting thought, especially since I can visualise the flowers, me in my dress and of course, Brendon in his suit 🙂

At this moment almost everything is pretty much taken care of. Now all we need to do is to pay things off bit by bit, and save for the big payments we will be making next year just before the wedding!
Brendon is in charge of booking the organist and choir, and arranging the order of service. I have given him carte blanche with regards to the ceremony, since he has been a Catholic all his life, and he knows MUCH more hymns than me! Lol

I was a bit disappointed a few months ago when we were told that we couldn’t get married in our church, The Most Holy Redeemer in Bergfliet. This church holds a special place in my heart, since it is really the first church I can call my own. This is where I got confirmed as a Catholic about a year and a half ago. So you can imagine why I was disappointed…But its good to know that we can baptise our children there one day!

The fact that our back up church is also old and ‘stoney’ helps a lot. I REALLY didn’t want to get married in a modern looking church. I’ve never dreamt of a particular church, or ceremony, or anything wedding related really….But when Brendon and I got engaged, I knew I wanted to get married at an old church. You could say that Brendon ignited a dormant flame inside of me. I wasn’t one of those little girls who dreamt of the ‘fairytale wedding’. Never had a thought about my wedding dress, or Prince Charming, nothing!
In fact, I was totally anti marriage until we were dating for a few years..

On the flip side, the weather has been crazy these last few weeks, so we’ve had to postpone our engagement shoot to the 11th November. Hopefully by then the wind and the occasional rain would’ve died down..

Other than that, we have 6 months to go! Woohoo 🙂


Our Wedding Checklist so far…

We have about 6 months to go…and I swear the past few months have flashed by as if they were just weeks…
I am really enjoying the wedding planning process and I can genuinely say that I am going to miss it when its over! 😦

I am a lot more relaxed and calmer about everything than I thought I’d be. I have my Stressed Eric moments, but I haven’t lost a wink of sleep yet…(I suppose that happens closer to the time) Hopefully not to me though, since I value my sleep so much!

I have been using an incredible app called Wedding Plandroid on my phone. It has a countdown feature that allows you to mark your tasks as ‘done’ month to month, right until the wedding day. Its really been a lifesaver until now and I will continue to use it as we get closer to the 13th April 2013.

The planning has been coming along nicely…The process of choosing and settling on something takes a bit longer than you’d think. Comparing quotes, meeting the suppliers, seeing their previous work, checking references….Its a lot to do and I am a bit of a perfectionist, so lucky for me the wedding isn’t any time soon!
You may think that the checklist below looks a bit bare…but keep in mind that I am currently working on the flowers, music and decor/hiring. These will all be finalised within the next few weeks. The cake is basically sorted as well, I just need to follow up and finalise with the baker.

We’ve got the main things booked and sorted – Church, Reception venue, Photographer, Videographer, DRESS etc etc…
Brendon is in charge of all things relating to the church ceremony (note that those tasks still need to be ticked…) What he doesn’t know is that he will be helping me with all the DIY decor projects next year…(since I am planning 90% of this wedding by myself!) *evil laugh*