Our amazing photographer, Mark Engelbrecht has posted some of our wedding photos on his blog and facebook!! 🙂

We should be receiving our photo disk soon.

Here are some of my favourites:

I will be blogging soon about all our wonderful suppliers – Photographer, Videographer, Florist, Venue, Cake, Dress, Shoes…everything!
Our wedding would not have been as beautiful without the help of all these committed and talented people!

Carla Satram


Wedding Hair

I am at a stage now where I can finally seriously think about my wedding hair and make up.
There are many things that you can plan a year in advance (like finding the perfect venue), but the little things like hair and make up, has to wait till the furthest possible time.

I’ve had a few ideas about the kind of ‘look’ I’d want for my wedding day. I am definitely leaning towards having my hair up, with my bridesmaids having their hair tied up somehow. Of course, Janeel has short hair, so I thought it would look odd if Caryn and Genine had their hair loose…

hair post

I am on the lookout for some cute hair diamante/pearls to complete our hairdos!
We are going to look so pretty 🙂

12 weeks left!


The Breakfast at Tiffany’s Effect

So after watching this classic film last night for the first time (as part of an assignment for college), I was left feeling utterly inspired!
I am IN LOVE with this movie, why haven’t I watched it sooner..??

Audrey Hepburn rocks! I am definitely going to start watching more old movies. It really is refreshing to see how things were done back then…its pure honest acting. Not like the crap we have nowadays…Lol

I realised a few weeks ago that our Vintage Elegance colour scheme needed a bit of pizazz. The salmon and white just wasn’t doing it for me…And Brendon and his men will be wearing black, so I knew there was a problem with the colour scheme. I suppose I just figured it would all work on the day…? I dunno!

Last night I figured out a way to make it all work though. After some research, I found a few ideas from previous weddings.
Luckily I didn’t commit to anything in salmon or buy the bridesmaids dresses fabric yet! Everything will still work beautifully with what I will be hiring. I’m just glad the colour scheme and decor will lend itself towards the black tuxedos now!

My favourite colour is pink and I originally wanted pink to be our wedding colour, but I knew that would be better suited for my hen party or something. Men in pink ties and pink all over the reception wouldn’t be cool… So I thought I’d choose peach, which eventually changed into salmon. But after last night, I am dead set on teal, with splashes of pink (flowers).

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is all about sophistication, glamour, pearls and diamonds. Sounds just like my wedding!
I will still incorporate the lace and pearls, but keep it very subtle. I think the star of the show will be the beautiful flowers in shades of pink. Its going to be fantastic, I am so excited!!

Still 6 months to go!


The bridesmaids dresses

Since the start of the wedding planning, the ideas for bridesmaids dresses has changed many many times…
Well its now official: The bridesmaids will be wearing lace detailed dresses.
I have been in love with lace for years, and it is part of our Vintage Elegance theme. Since I am studying fashion design (and even if I wasn’t..), I have decided to design the dresses myself 🙂
Each bridesmaid will have a dress that fits their body type and their personality.

I think that each bridesmaid should have a different lace detail: Open back, off shoulder, cap sleeve, lace chest etc…

Bridesmaids: Caryn, Genine and Janeel. This it it. You need to visualize yourselves in something like these dresses below. Of course, I don’t expect everyone to wear tight figure hugging dresses. You can choose your fit. Dresses will be above the knee like the pictures below (maybe a few cm’s shorter)

What you need to know:
Colour: Salmon
Fabric: Cotton spandex / Viscose spandex with Lace overlay
Accessories: Diamante – TBD
Shoes: Nude – also to be discussed at a later stage (but keep a look out!)