My wedding blog started in August 2012, about 8 months before our wedding.

Our wedding has now come and gone, and things have pretty much changed completely for both myself and my new husband. I wanted to continue blogging (I love it so much!), so my blog has now ‘evolved’ into New to This Wife.

Those who know me personally know that I am not a natural domestic type. I despise cleaning and I have never cooked a proper meal in my life. I was lucky enough to have lived with my parents until my wedding day, so cooking and cleaning was something I didn’t have to worry about…Until now, that I am out on my own, living with someone for the first time. Its just me and my husband and we both are completely clueless.

This blog will be an outlet for me as I learn new things and overcome challenges on this totally unfamiliar path.


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Carla & Brendon well at last the date is set now the excitement starts the shopping to furnish a home together, organising of all the finer details for the wedding and I know that both of you will be enjoying every moment. All I can say is that I wish both of you loads of laughter, good health and happiness whilst preparing for this Special Day ” Holy Matrimony” God Bless you both.

  2. Hi Carla, Angus forwarded your blog address to me. I am so glad you guys are all set now for your big day! Wishing you all the best.
    p.s. Love your story.

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