Guests Dress Code

I decided early on that I wanted to assign a dress code for our guests. I wasn’t sure about the details, but I knew I wanted some sort of uniformity.

A few people are asking “Why the dress code?” “Why pastels?”
To answer these questions: Pastels will compliment our wedding perfectly – our theme (Vintage Elegance), reception venue, flowers, and of course….it will look great on photo and video!
And mainly, what the bride wants, the bride gets…!

I don’t expect to see our wedding guests decked out from head to toe in pastels…But kudos to you if you do arrive wearing a mint green suit, white shirt and baby blue tie! Lol
Of course, the pastel dress code is open to interpretation. We want our guests to be comfortable and have fun!

pastels dress code

TIPS: Break the pastel with a nude/tan heel, grey/silver,maybe even black accessories.
And for the guys: You can easily dress up a smart tan/charcoal/grey pants or dark jeans!

5 and a half weeks left!



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