Our Videographer

We knew right from the get go that we wanted a superb wedding video. We spoke about watching it together with our kids in the future, and that made us smile 🙂
Now that I think about it, we actually booked our videographer before we even booked a reception venue, or the church..!!

Brendon and I have high expectations for our wedding video. We don’t want it to be cheesy or old fashioned, we want a modern approach with clean professional editing.

It took some good googling skills (mine of course), and after finding lots of boo boos, we found Alexander Productions. Their website captivated us immediately – Modern, fresh, fun, extremely professional. Their videos gave us goosebumps!
When we met up with the owner of the company, Andrew, we knew that this was it, this was the dude who was going to film our wedding!!
We enjoyed chatting with Andrew about his work and hearing about the editing process. We felt at ease with him and booked him as soon as we could!

Check these out (if you don’t feel any emotion while watching them, then you have a problem lol)

Katie & Rob

Ingrid & Nick

Ringaile & Andrew

Almost there!


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