Wedding Hair

I am at a stage now where I can finally seriously think about my wedding hair and make up.
There are many things that you can plan a year in advance (like finding the perfect venue), but the little things like hair and make up, has to wait till the furthest possible time.

I’ve had a few ideas about the kind of ‘look’ I’d want for my wedding day. I am definitely leaning towards having my hair up, with my bridesmaids having their hair tied up somehow. Of course, Janeel has short hair, so I thought it would look odd if Caryn and Genine had their hair loose…

hair post

I am on the lookout for some cute hair diamante/pearls to complete our hairdos!
We are going to look so pretty πŸ™‚

12 weeks left!



4 thoughts on “Wedding Hair

  1. Fantastic blog! I have another year left but have been having a think about how my hair should look. I have just started my wedding blog. Love this!

    • Hey!
      Yup, I thought about my hair too when I started with my planning waaay back in November 2011. But you need to first get your dress and your theme before you can commit to a hairstyle πŸ™‚
      All the best with your plans, I will check out your blog now πŸ˜€


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