ATTENTION: Shoe Addicts

I came across an awesome website yesterday that allows women all over the world to design their own shoes, and have them made for you!
Imagine my delight and excitement at this discovery…I am still on cloud nine!

If you’ve been following my posts, you will know that from the start, finding wedding shoes has been a big thorn in my side.
I am very particular about the kind of shoes I want, and of course, the size of the heel. So Shoes of Prey has been a HUGE help for me. What an experience it is to design your own shoes online – you can choose the style, the heel height, fabric (silk / leather / patent / glitter)….Just to name a few! And they have colours for daaaays.
A total MUST SEE for all you shoe lovers!



I have designed a few shoes so far, and I may just go ahead and order it when I decide on the perfect wedding shoe! What’s holding me back? The price 😦
Its a bit over budget, but I may just be able to do it…Fingers crossed!

Check it out: Shoe of Prey website

Happy designing!



4 thoughts on “ATTENTION: Shoe Addicts

  1. Hello there Carla! I hopped on over to your site after seeing that you liked my blog post, “Cake love”. I love what you’ve done with your site. You and your fiance are such a cute couple.
    If you are interested I would love to feature your wedding on my website once the “nuptials” take place. Also if you’ve had an engagement photo session, I would love to feature it on the website as well. Looking forward to hearing from you and just in case I don’t, I hope everything works out and you have a beautiful day on April 13!

    • Thanks for your kind words Danielle 🙂

      We would love to be featured on your blog, that’d be really cool! Let me know how you’d like to do it (guest post / repost of mine?)

      I blogged about our engagement shoot a few months back, you’ll find it on my blog.


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