Catholic Engaged Encounter…what a weekend!

Brendon and I attended the Catholic Engaged Encounter this past weekend, and it truly was an amazing fulfilling experience!
We highly recommend it to any engaged couple. People of any faith can attend. There were a lot of mixed couples over the weekend, and I am sure we all felt similar feelings yesterday at the end of our journey.

I must admit, its hard work. Lots of presentations to listen to, and lots of personal questions to answer. By Sunday, we both felt very tired and ready to go home!
Overall, it was a very enriching, beautiful experience. Everyone receives a notebook and you get time to relax amongst the trees while you answer questions. Afterwards, you meet up and you discuss your answers as a couple. We enjoyed the experience and are so grateful we had this intimate precious time together as we prepare for the sacrament of marriage.

We covered many topics over the weekend, ranging from easy stuff like why you love each other, to the more difficult like, how to deal with conflict, how to raise a family with good values, financial decisions, trust and forgiveness…
It was a powerful weekend!!

We met some lovely couples, all with different stories and backgrounds and it was awesome to spend time with other people who too shared a strong bond like Brendon and I 🙂

Brendon and I are feeling refreshed and happy, really excited to get married now!!
We are so blessed to have found each other and after this grueling weekend, I think our love has grown stronger..

“A wedding is a day. A marriage is a lifetime”
Love it!



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