What makes a wedding…?

I want to do a series of posts about our wonderful suppliers. Without them, our dream wedding would not be on its way to becoming a reality!
I realise that I haven’t given much information about them, so I am devoting the next month or so to our venue, photographer, videographer and florist. They are all superb and I think that they all deserve some advertising!

First up is our photographer, Mark Engelbrecht of Creative Weddings.
We recently came across Mark’s website after we decided to find a new photographer. We met up with him and immediately felt a connection. He is a relaxed, humble man, passionate about his work, and oh so creative! (Hence the name I suppose…lol)
Mark has about 20 years experience in the field and has won numerous awards, which really made the choice much easier when we had 3 photographers to choose from. Mark, we love your natural, effortless approach to photography!

We met up with Mark and his assistant Alfonso yesterday, at the UCT grounds for our engagement shoot…..Wow what an afternoon!
It took me about an hour to get into it, but surprisingly, Brendon was a natural! Smiles and poses down, he gave me a run for my money!!
It was a bit unusual since I am used to the camera. Perhaps it was strange because the shoot was non belly dance related, or because I had to ‘act natural’ with my fiancé, in front of random inquisitive students….?
I don’t know, but let’s just hope I don’t have a dazed and confused look on my face in the pictures…. 🙂
Well done to my Zoolander, you were excellent babe!!
(I will upload some pics as soon as we get them!)

Please view the gallery below to see some of Mark’s work. We can’t wait for our wedding to be amongst these unbelievable photos!!
Website: http://www.creativeweddings.co.za/Default.aspx

Until next time,



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