1 year ♥

Its been 1 whole year since we got engaged! Last year, on the 30th October 2011, Brendon proposed to me at the President Hotel…I will never forget the moments leading up to it 🙂 What a surprise! Well done again to Brendon, and my family for not spilling the beans!

And what an eventful year it has been!! So far, so good, I am still waiting for the wedding stress to kick in…*touch wood*!
I think I am not feeling nervous because I am doing almost everything myself (call me a control freak!)…If you are a perfectionist, or indecisive like me, DO NOT hire a wedding planner! You will waste your money I promise you!
I think that planning your own wedding really is a journey that every bride to be should embark on. It is an amazing, fun and enlightening experience. I have learnt so much along the way…I am learning to be more patient too! 😛

Besides feeling all mushy and excited to get married after 6 years, we had a good lunch with the bridal party this past weekend 🙂

Genine and Robbie will be paired up, and Janeel and Daryl. That leaves maid of honour Caryn, and bestman Myles as partners. They are all going to look so dapper!
Unfortunately, Janeel wasn’t able to make it (on account of her living in Botswana…) We missed you cuz and can’t wait to see you soon!

Here’s to just over 5 months left…!! Its getting closer!



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