Our Wedding Checklist so far…

We have about 6 months to go…and I swear the past few months have flashed by as if they were just weeks…
I am really enjoying the wedding planning process and I can genuinely say that I am going to miss it when its over! 😦

I am a lot more relaxed and calmer about everything than I thought I’d be. I have my Stressed Eric moments, but I haven’t lost a wink of sleep yet…(I suppose that happens closer to the time) Hopefully not to me though, since I value my sleep so much!

I have been using an incredible app called Wedding Plandroid on my phone. It has a countdown feature that allows you to mark your tasks as ‘done’ month to month, right until the wedding day. Its really been a lifesaver until now and I will continue to use it as we get closer to the 13th April 2013.

The planning has been coming along nicely…The process of choosing and settling on something takes a bit longer than you’d think. Comparing quotes, meeting the suppliers, seeing their previous work, checking references….Its a lot to do and I am a bit of a perfectionist, so lucky for me the wedding isn’t any time soon!
You may think that the checklist below looks a bit bare…but keep in mind that I am currently working on the flowers, music and decor/hiring. These will all be finalised within the next few weeks. The cake is basically sorted as well, I just need to follow up and finalise with the baker.

We’ve got the main things booked and sorted – Church, Reception venue, Photographer, Videographer, DRESS etc etc…
Brendon is in charge of all things relating to the church ceremony (note that those tasks still need to be ticked…) What he doesn’t know is that he will be helping me with all the DIY decor projects next year…(since I am planning 90% of this wedding by myself!) *evil laugh*



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