The bridesmaids dresses

Since the start of the wedding planning, the ideas for bridesmaids dresses has changed many many times…
Well its now official: The bridesmaids will be wearing lace detailed dresses.
I have been in love with lace for years, and it is part of our Vintage Elegance theme. Since I am studying fashion design (and even if I wasn’t..), I have decided to design the dresses myself 🙂
Each bridesmaid will have a dress that fits their body type and their personality.

I think that each bridesmaid should have a different lace detail: Open back, off shoulder, cap sleeve, lace chest etc…

Bridesmaids: Caryn, Genine and Janeel. This it it. You need to visualize yourselves in something like these dresses below. Of course, I don’t expect everyone to wear tight figure hugging dresses. You can choose your fit. Dresses will be above the knee like the pictures below (maybe a few cm’s shorter)

What you need to know:
Colour: Salmon
Fabric: Cotton spandex / Viscose spandex with Lace overlay
Accessories: Diamante – TBD
Shoes: Nude – also to be discussed at a later stage (but keep a look out!)



12 thoughts on “The bridesmaids dresses

  1. i love the idea. i wouldn’t mind the cap sleeve, lace chest or the Open back. i think my arms are too fat! 😛
    let us know..

    • Well you have 7 months to shape up your arms cuz! (you and me both LOL…)
      We can have a good discussion about what everyone is comfortable with when we see you again 🙂

  2. oh damn! i wanted to dibs that black/white combo dress lol. they’re all gorgeous tho, so I would be happy with any of the designs 🙂

  3. Well done on your decision to design your own bridesmaids’ dresses! It’s the way to go if you have something specific in mind. My BMs and I just found a dressmaker yesterday who will make their dresses to our design. The girls are wearing trout (not quite salmon, but very similar!) and I’m in lace. It seems like our weddings are on a similar track 🙂
    Great blog! I’m looking forward to following you to the altar!
    All the best x Alicia

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