The Shoe Issue

A bride’s wedding shoes will probably be the most important shoes she ever invests in. Unfortunately most brides make the mistake of buying the wrong bridal shoes (the type that won’t be worn again after the wedding, or utterly hideous looking things). Something like this:

For starters, I don’t know why these are even on the market. Are they catering for 3rd time lucky grannies…??
Ladies, you don’t have to base your decision purely on the comfort factor you know…

I love shoes…just ask my family or my fiance. Lol. I have a passion for beautiful shoes and as a shoe fanatic, I want the very best for my wedding day.
*Very best means it should look like this:
But at R3700, these Benjamin Adams babies are just way out of my budget…. 😦
My shoe’s characteristics:
8cm heel
No platform (or very small)
White or ivory in colour (so that I can dye them)
Cinderella potential (I am having my shoes customised!)

The problem is that most wedding shoes are BORING as hell and just lack oomph! I have seen a few Anella designs that are okay, but nothing to go gaga about…Then on the flipside, the majority of NON wedding shoes (Foschini, Luella, Zoom, Nine West, Aldo etc), all have killer heels and/or platforms. Killer heels are great for going out, but not for my wedding day! Yup, I would like to be able to walk around the whole day comfortably and not worry about falling flat on my face, or (the horror…) stepping onto my dress and ripping it!! Plus, just as a cherry on top, my fiance is shorter than me when I am in heels…. 😦
This is the commercial shoe store problem:
Kim Kardashian’s Christian Louboutin wedding shoes pictured first. And Bella’s Manolo Blahnik’s from the Breaking Dawn movie. What a joke, who is going to be comfortable in any of these for more than an hour?

I know some brides opt for a heeled shoe, and then an additional pump for the reception…..but I don’t see the point. Are you buying the heels just so that you can do this for your pictures?

I wish I could design my own range of sexy wedding shoes, the South African market really needs it!!
(Who knows, maybe I just might…!)

I am off to do some fantasy online shoe shopping again…till my next dilemna…bye!



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