Decor confusion

Finding the perfect (ie decent and within budget) decor is my current task, and it isn’t quite as easy as I thought it would be…
Initially, I wanted our wedding reception to be at a hotel or restaurant, so I wouldn’t have to worry about hiring anything. I fell in love with the Cape Grace Hotel at the Waterfront, but unfortunately the layout would’ve prevented an open social atmosphere.

When we chose Monchique as our reception venue, I may have forgotten about the fact that we were going to have to do the decor design ourselves (ourselves meaning ‘me’)…
There are lots of decor hiring companies in Cape Town. I have chosen a reputable company, recommended by Kathy, the owner of Monchique, for the hiring of tables, tablecloths, cutlery and crockery. Thats the easy part. The challenge comes in choosing the the decor – everything that makes the venue pop and sparkle. There is nothing worse than a plain wedding…so I am really bargain hunting! lol

I am still two minded about table centre pieces – votive candles, round candles, candelabras, candle sticks, glass vases, glass bowls…water, no water? And not forgetting the flowers…
As you know, our theme is Vintage Elegance. So I am looking for decor items that are vintage, and simple modern items as well. The trick is to make the vintage and modern work together beautifully! I have a few decor DIY ideas as well (which will be tackled by myself and the bridesmaids next year I suppose…)

All the wedding books, magazines and tv shows in the world cannot prepare you for this process…I’ve been gathering ideas since November 2011, but naturally, things keep changing. Its an exhilarating experience though. I am picky, so I want everything to look as closest to my vision as possible, which creates the stress I suppose…But all in all, planning your own wedding is super exciting, and I can’t wait to see it all come together on our wedding day 🙂

Hopefully I will have this all sorted out by next month (the longer something isn’t finalised, the more I stress…)
Wish me luck!



4 thoughts on “Decor confusion

  1. Hey Carla,
    What has helped me is not only having a theme, but also a few ‘items’ that completely inspire me- like a simple part of my dress, the lace- and using that as a defining decor element by using lace ribbon and doilies for the tables. Using flowers you love or what is in your bouquet as the main decor elements are also a way to keep everything else simple. But how do you want it displayed? Choosing between a formal arrangement (large centre piece) or something more informal (random picked flowers) can create totally different atmospheres…

    For cheap candles check out the The Candle Factory Shop website.
    xxx Sash

    • Hi Sasha…
      I am also using elements of lace, with pearls and diamante. But I want a rustic touch, so it is a bit tricky…I think it will naturally come together once I decide on my flowers (mainly roses but dunno what else…)
      I definitely want something informal and different, which is why I am looking EVERYWHERE for decor hire and inspiration.
      Is your decor design done and dusted..?

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